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Quest To NaPoWriMo

While NaPoWriMo is a good two months away it may seem a little early to be starting any prep towards it. That said, I have a show in March and so the majority of my March will be taken up with rehearsals to polish and perfect before we hit the boards. Therefore my prep is … Continue reading Quest To NaPoWriMo


Her hair flowed like a waterfall of coffee beans, her lips looked just like a coffee stained kiss, and her temper was full of caffeinated energy. I am biting the bullet here and now for all the world to see. I am making myself publically accountable to show up every day in both April and … Continue reading NaNoWriMo/NaPoWriMo

Spilled over words,
Watering worlds into life,
Drawing lives into adventures,
Exploring ever changing lands

Kitty Opal