Her hair flowed like a waterfall of coffee beans, her lips looked just like a coffee stained kiss, and her temper was full of caffeinated energy.

I am biting the bullet here and now for all the world to see. I am making myself publically accountable to show up every day in both April and November and write.

Writing had been a daily occurrence and distraction for me for a long time. The life sunk it’s claws in and time for distraction disappeared and returned in a new form.

The itch to write, or perhaps more specifically, to tell stories, never left. I experimented telling stories in different ways, with different media and different lives.

I am ready to put pen back to paper and let the words flow back out of me again. However there is a slight blockage that needs clearing built up through lack of practice.

To clear that blockage I am pledging to participate in National Novel Writing Month and National Poetry Writing Month this year.

Here is a little insight into my current plan for both:

These rainfalls are temporary,
Refreshing the soul within,
It cannot grow alone.
It would shrivel within.

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You’re Knitting Backwards!

My Grandma did a lot of knitting when I was younger, as Grandmas are wont to do. I do recall at least one itchy jumper. However as time progressed, the jumpers turned into handbags and hats…and, when the grandchildren were less enthused by the knitted jumper, jumpers and waistcoats for well loved teddy bears.

I recall a passing fascination with how fast my Grandma could twist and wind the wool into recognisable garments and a brief attempt of learning from the master.

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Quest To Art


So after letting the idea ruminate for almost a fortnight, I finally decided to get going on one of my resolutions for 2020 – To Be More Creative.

This should not have taken almost two weeks to settle on, considering I’m a pretty creative person anyway! However this is about being more intentional, more mindful than I have previously been. I want to make sure my skills are improving and I’m challenging myself.

Why the blog?

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