Quest To Art


So after letting the idea ruminate for almost a fortnight, I finally decided to get going on one of my resolutions for 2020 – To Be More Creative.

This should not have taken almost two weeks to settle on, considering I’m a pretty creative person anyway! However this is about being more intentional, more mindful than I have previously been. I want to make sure my skills are improving and I’m challenging myself.

Why the blog?

Because I thought it might be fun! It also gives me some accountability. This also provides the opportunity for feedback, finding a community of other creatives and sharing my passion with those who may be interested.

Forms of creativity

Over the years I have dabbled in various artforms to release my creative energy, including:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Theatre
  • Spoken Word
  • Radio shows/podcasts
  • Story telling
  • Photography
  • Even Minecraft! (My houses have always been a work in progress, with constant renovations!)

As time goes on I hope to focus on many of these areas in order to create intentionally and hone my skills. I will share with you as much as I am able to do so. (Theatre is a little harder to do than others)

Starting point

So to help keep track of whether I’m improving, I’m going to share some pieces as a baseline as to where I am currently at, and hopefully in a few months we shall see some improvements!

Below you can find recent pieces of art I have created and will use as a baseline to go forward.


Spilled over words,

Watering worlds into life,

Drawing lives into adventures,

Exploring ever changing lands


Drawn while following Pub Draw instructional youtube channel

Drawn without instruction

My sister-in-law on the morning of her wedding Edited using Instagram
Ludlow Castle

These are my baselines, the others will have baselines as they are produced.

And so, let us kick off this quest and discover and create art in it many of it’s various forms!

If you are wanting to be more intentional with your own art, in whichever form(s) you prefer, please do join me in this quest, sharing your work and progress! Comment below if you are joining in this quest!

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