You’re Knitting Backwards!

My Grandma did a lot of knitting when I was younger, as Grandmas are wont to do. I do recall at least one itchy jumper. However as time progressed, the jumpers turned into handbags and hats…and, when the grandchildren were less enthused by the knitted jumper, jumpers and waistcoats for well loved teddy bears.

I recall a passing fascination with how fast my Grandma could twist and wind the wool into recognisable garments and a brief attempt of learning from the master.

The problem with a passing fascination is exactly that. It is passing. Almost has quickly as it arrived the fascination dissipated and very quickly put pay to any childhood fancies of learning to knit.

Fast forward a decade or two, the fascination is back and the idea of knitting is no longer something restricted to Grandparents.

The trigger for my own fascination returning was the passing fascination of another soul close to me. Their fleeting fascination passed on, but this time mine stuck.

I initially attempted to knit again around this time last year. January 2019ish. I completed two squares of knit stitch and pearl stitch with the intent of eventually moving on to actual garments and toys. However life, as it tends to, got in the way and the rest of the year saw the needles collecting dust on a shelf.

Being the sort of person who likes to keep her hands busy even when her attention is elsewhere, knitting seemed like a productive option for the commute and while watching TV. And so at the end of 2019 the needles and wool were back in play.

Thanks to YouTube I fairly quickly picked back up the knit and pearl stitches, even got the casting on to a fairly quick speed…especially after dropping stitches and restarting for the millionth time…

After a full Sunday afternoon of trial and error, I soon learned that there were different types of casting on….the first I tried leaving me with a rather large amount of wool between my needles as I knitted. I eventually discovered knit stitch cast on and solved all my problems!

Over Christmas my knitting attempt has had the approval of my Grandma. On the other hand, thanks to my Mother and Sister-In-Law it has been brought to my attention that I am knitting backwards…

Depsite this, having got as far as I have I am now slowly on my way to a colourful beret, and as such refuse to go back to the start simply to knit ‘forwards’.

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