Her hair flowed like a waterfall of coffee beans, her lips looked just like a coffee stained kiss, and her temper was full of caffeinated energy.

I am biting the bullet here and now for all the world to see. I am making myself publically accountable to show up every day in both April and November and write.

Writing had been a daily occurrence and distraction for me for a long time. The life sunk it’s claws in and time for distraction disappeared and returned in a new form.

The itch to write, or perhaps more specifically, to tell stories, never left. I experimented telling stories in different ways, with different media and different lives.

I am ready to put pen back to paper and let the words flow back out of me again. However there is a slight blockage that needs clearing built up through lack of practice.

To clear that blockage I am pledging to participate in National Novel Writing Month and National Poetry Writing Month this year.

Here is a little insight into my current plan for both:

These rainfalls are temporary,
Refreshing the soul within,
It cannot grow alone.
It would shrivel within.

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